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The Final Upset are near completed with their debut release! Carving out only the very best for our fans! Stay Tuned!



The Final Upset were featured in a Q&A article by our friends over at PopVulture Entertainment. Special thank you goes out to their editing team & staff. Click Here

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The final upset will be opening for DRI @ the M15 in Corona. Be on the look out!!! Come on out and join the TFU army!

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The Final Upset
was started in 2012 in Orange County, California. Lead vocalist Jagger Black, guitarist Bink the Dink, bassist Vavas Spade and drummer Mr. Graves, came together and decided they were tired of forming or joining bands only to get stuck with genre labels, being expected to maintain a specific style/sound or having their musical outlets be stifled by other band members. This mindset is what gave birth to the name, The Final Upset.